How to Choose Your Lucky Numbers

lottery number

Lottery number is a random identifier that helps the DOE match students to schools based on their preferences. Families can find their lottery numbers online after their applications are processed and the DOE sends them to the PRDT. In addition to this, they can request the numbers through FOIL (as they’re legally entitled to see any information that’s used to determine their child’s school admissions).

How to choose your lucky numbers

If you want to try and pick winning lottery numbers, there are many different strategies to consider. You can use formulas in Excel, pay attention to frequency charts (which show how often a particular number has won in the past), or simply pick the numbers you like or hold sentimental value for.

Dreaming about losing a lottery number signifies that you’re likely to lose something very valuable to you. You may feel shattered and disappointed by this event. However, this can also be a sign that your guardian angels are trying to bless you.

In fact, there is a very small chance that two lottery numbers will be the same in the same cohort of applicants, so it’s unlikely that one of these duplicates will significantly affect a family’s chances at a school. Moreover, the city uses only the first eight characters of each student’s lottery number to compare students across their preferences and preference points, so a duplicate every other year would be unsurprising and not particularly meaningful.