How to Claim a Lottery Jackpot

lottery jackpot

If you have just won the lottery and the jackpot amount is large enough, you will want to keep a few things in mind when claiming your prize. First, you will need to determine how and when you want to claim your prize. Another important consideration is keeping your identity anonymous. Each state has different laws on whether lottery winners should reveal their names to the public. Keeping your identity anonymous will help you avoid scammers and long-lost “friends” who may want to take advantage of your good fortune.

While this jackpot isn’t the largest jackpot in US history, it is the largest payout made to a single winner. The winning ticket consists of a single number, Mega Millions. There are winners in California, Florida, and Tennessee. The winner of this particular lottery, Matthew Schultz of California, contacted financial advisers and attorneys as soon as he realized that he had won the jackpot. These professionals are a great resource when it comes to dealing with millions of dollars.

Another great benefit to playing the lottery is that you can play at anytime and anywhere. For example, there are games that cost as little as two dollars, like The Addams Family Fortune. Then there are $5 games, like LOTERIA(tm) Extra. There are also games with prizes of up to $1 million, and $30 games with a $10 million top prize.