International Lottery Scams

international lottery

International lottery is an opportunity for players from around the world to win big prizes. These lottery games are regulated by the legislatures of the countries where they are held and therefore do not violate Indian gambling laws.

There are many ways to play international lotteries, including on the internet and via telephone. However, if you want to be sure that your money is safe and secure, you should use a legit lottery agent or betting site. These sites are fully licensed and are responsible for buying your tickets from official retailers on your behalf and claiming your prize when you win.

Scammers have been known to impersonate foreign government agencies and licensees in order to obtain exorbitant fees from those seeking to participate in global lotteries. These bootleggers typically send out lottery solicitations to addressees without ever actually issuing any lottery tickets or providing a valid entry “confirmation.”

The Consumer Protection Bureau has received numerous complaints from consumers who have been the target of these scams. Often these letters or emails claim that the recipient has won hundreds of thousands of dollars from an overseas lottery and request personal information to process the payment. The letter or email also usually instructs the recipient to deposit a check into their bank account, where it will be used for processing fees and taxes.

It is important to note that the US does not permit foreign lottery companies to mail lottery material to US addressees and no exemptions have been granted by Congress that would make this permissible. So, if you receive lottery solicitations from a foreign company and do not believe them, return the materials to the postmaster for destruction.