Lottery Winners Who Wasted Their Jackpots

lottery jackpot

Getting a lottery jackpot is a dream for most people. While it can be tempting to go overboard and blow money on gifts and parties, there are several cautionary tales of people who wasted their prize.

Jack Whittaker, a construction worker from West Virginia, won the $314 million Powerball jackpot in 2002. He spent much of his winnings on cars, houses and boats. He also donated some of his money to strangers and churches.

Another example of a lottery winner who blew his winnings is David Lee Edwards. He spent his winnings recklessly, squandering them on luxury goods, a car, a house, and a number of vacations. He blew $16 million in eight years and was left with $10 when he died at age 58.

A third example of a lottery winner who blew money is Evelyn Basehore. In 1985 she won $1.4 million, and by 2000 she had lost all of her winnings. She gambled and spent her winnings recklessly.

Ibi Roncaioli, who won a $5 million lottery jackpot in 1991, spent his winnings recklessly. He squandered his husband’s salary and lived an alcohol-fueled double life. He died in 2003.

William “Bud” Post, who won a $16.2 million lottery jackpot in 1988, was a rich man. He bought a twin-engine plane, a house, a boat and a number of other expensive items. He was so extravagant that his ex-girlfriend sued him for part of his winnings.

Willie Hurt, who won a $3.1 million Michigan Super Lotto jackpot in 1989, was tangled in a crack epidemic. He was arrested and charged with murder during a drug bender.